We are a media company for ages. We do translations, convention interpretation, marketing, consulting, photo and video shootings. Recently, we move our focuses to children entertainment production, sport events and team building activities. We are connected to various sport coach, team building specialist and we have access to lot of sport equipment and big toys in amusement parks. We can help you with your sport and entertainment needs.

Over 2 decades experience in Media production, translation and convention interpretation. Recent years, we shift our business more to event production, sport event and team building.


Aims at bring happiness to Children, promoting sports and team building activities; hope people will pursue a health lifestyle through sport and laughter.

Humans are creatures of habit, if you can make a 5 years old to sport, he or she will sport for a life time. Sport is not only good for physical health, mental health as well. Moreover, sport will give you pleasure and good appearance, too.

This year, we advanced our pace to Macau and China. Hope to spread our massage to more people.


We are experts in sports and amusement, we can help you organize the whole or part of your event with sport or children amusement needs. Just give us a call to discuss.

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